A Week In Punk: This Week’s Biggest Stories Recapped (7/13/14)


For those that don’t know Dying Scene has a record label; Dying Scene Records.  How could we not?  With so many new bands and new releases that come across our “desks” every day its not all surprising that from time to time we come across a gleaming gem we can’t help but want to get more involved with.  If by some twist of fate that gem doesn’t have a label representing it we’ll offer up our services to the band in the hopes that we can get their music out in front of as many potential fans as possible.  We’re not motivated by profits – DS Records bands keep the rights to their music and they decide how much they want to sell their music for, in most cases that’s $0.  No, we do it strictly because we f’ing LOVE the music.  If you’ve ever spent hours making a mix tape or playlist for somebody you barely know just because you want to share something that moves you then you know the feeling.  Anyway, I found one of those albums recently and this last week I was proud to start sharing it with the world.  If you missed it I encourage you to check out the first single from our latest signing, Some Nerve’s, upcoming album.  It’s more hardcore than our previous signings so when you give it a listen I must insist you do two things if you’re going to fully appreciate it.  1)  Before you press play, turn your headphones/speakers up to full-volume.  Not half-volume, not even 75%.  I mean full fucking blast – because you are just cheating yourself with anything less.  2)  When that first first verse kicks in at full volume (see requirement #1), imagine yourself blasting full speed straight down a mountain on a freshly waxed snowboard.  Picture riding a blazing comet that has just exploded from a bursting sun at 10,000 lightyears per second.  Close your eyes and through this song vicariously smash every piece of furniture in your living room in a fit of adrenaline fueled rage.  If you do these two things I absolutely guarantee you will love the rest of this album.  I’m excited to share it with you.

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Here’s what you missed, what you ignored and what you’re sick of reading about. 

1. Tommy Ramone, the last original member of  The Ramones passed away at 62.

2. Since you all have total hard-ons for Bad Religion, here are ten facts on lead singer Greg Gaffin.

3. Parker Cannon of The Story So Far punched a security guard in Montreal who got too rough with a crowd surfer. Things like this shouldn’t happen in Canada.

4. Rise Against streamed their new album, The Black Market.

5. In total douche news, some total douche broke into Emily’s Army’s practice space and stole their gear. What a douche.

6. Here’s a documentary on Dropkick Murphys playing Boston House of Blues.

7. Atreyu are scheduled to play this year’s Knotfest. Yes, that is “Knot,” as in “Slipknot.”

8. Fat Mike is still working on that punk rock musical. I really hope he wins a Tony.

9. MxPx are streaming their entire Acoustic Collection. How are they still a band? It’s 2014.

10. Riot Fest has been forced to change their Colorado venue because Colorado residents are a bunch of whiny hippies.


Continental – Millionaires

“Granite City punk n’ roll act Continental (featuring original Dropkick Murphys guitarist Rick Barton) are prepping to release their new full-length entitled Millionaires on October 14th through East Grand Record Company.”

The Best of the Worst – “Frenemies”

“New Jersey ska-punk maniacs The Best Of The Worst are gearing up to release their long-awaited new EP Natural Born Haters on July 22nd through Anti-Authority Records.”

The Homeless Gospel Choir – “Holiday Song”

“Derek Zanetti, the one man folk-punk act known as The Homeless Gospel Choir, is gearing up to release his debut full-length I Used To Be So Young on July 15th through A-F Records. ”

Up For Nothing – Responses

Our friends in Brooklyn punk act Up For Nothing have decided to change things up a bit and released a brand new acoustic EP entitled Responses on the 4th of July.

Action Decision and Spanner – History Lessons

“Montreal punks Action Sedition and UK ska-punk act Spanner released their split 7-inchHistory Lessons July 1st through a handful of labels, including Rebel Time Records, Iron Column Records, Jobsworth Records, Maloka Records, and Riot Ska Records.”


Versus You – Moving On

“Given the long break in recording, it’d be easy to expect the band to deliver a big and explosive return. Moving On doesn’t make any grandiose statements, but it does provide catchy choruses that will bring you back to the Warped summers of yester-year. Consider pop punk successfully saved.”

Hi Ho Silver, Away! – Chore

“Hi Ho Silver, Away! have a raw, DIY sound that feels rare in this day and age of professional home recording technology. Even ten years ago it was a regular complaint that punk bands “sounded too good”, so it’s refreshing to know that there are still bands who remember how to record an album with minimal overdubs or additional instruments that can’t be performed live.”

Everybody Row – The Sea Inside

“Cliched? Frustrated? Vital? Yes, to all. This band doesn’t dabble in limits and as audacious as they get, their emo-arpeggios fill the screechy void that we need. Volcanic, mesmerizing and raw best describe their themes and messages to me. They may be obsessed with trebly, bass-ridden foundations but with such genius guitarists and a don’t-care attitude, this brand of snarling, pulsating and pulverizing music is too good to ignore.”

osoosooso – osoosooso

“This is the most fun record of the year. It has an indie, DIY feel but the melody is so poppy and so sweet, even if you hate the genre, you can’t help but be drawn to its mainstream catchiness. It’s an archetype of the billboard draw this self-titled packs yet will no doubt fly below the radar. I can’t point to many bands who do pop-punk as good as this.”

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