A Week In Punk: This Week’s Biggest Stories Recapped (8/17/14)

What up, peeps.  Here’s what I thought was interesting this week.  The Radicals caught my attention for their gruff punk release “One For The Ditch”.  Ottawa skate punk act Sidelines blew me away with the riffage in their new song “Any Bet”.  “Dear Grace”, a new song off the upcoming F.O.D. album is definitely my favorite free track download of the week.  The Timmys streamed a really solid straight up punk tune from their upcoming album.  I’m not really sure how I feel about Fat signing CJ Ramone… Just seems so… un-Fat like.  I f’ing love the song “Cancer Plants” on the new High Titles album.  My favorite hardcore discovery of the week was Revivalist and their new song “Free“. Best ska-punk discovery of the week was Wasted Daze.  And the BIGGEST NEWS OF THE WEEK is that Dying Scene Records released the debut full-length from Texan hardcore punk act Some Nerve and you can download it for FREE.


Here’s what you missed, what you ignored and what you’re sick of reading about. 

1. The tracklisting for the hot new Rancid tribute album was published. I’m kinda bummed, I was hoping it would be 18 different covers of “Ruby Soho.”

2. Trash Talk bassist, Spencer Pollard, chucked beers at a drone that was taking photographs of the band’s set until he managed to knock it out of the air. Aren’t those things expensive? Someone’s gonna get sued.

3. Dave Brockie from GWAR passed away earlier this year, but that didn’t stop him from have the most punk fucking rock funeral I have ever seen in my life.

4. Here are some photos and a review of a show with The Offspring, Bad Religion, Pennywise and The Vandals. Spoiler alert: they’re getting old.

5. Someone mashed up the Beastie Boys’ “So What’cha Want” with footage of the muppets and it’s mesmerizing.

6. The Gaslight Anthem did a studio session for Walmart. Let that sink in. What a bunch of phonies.

7. The Offspring have a new video out. It was really hard for them to film because the transportation buses for all of their retirement homes had to coordinate their schedules to get them to the shoot.

8. Lagwagon streamed a clip from a new song. But it’s only 15 seconds long.

9. There’s a new Yellowcard song. Is it “Ocean Avenue?” No? Then I don’t care.

10. Bearded Punk put out a free compilation called Now I Wanna Beard Your Dog with bands like PUP, Nothington and The Bennies. You should download it just for the rad album art.


The Timmys – “Death Grip”

We’re ecstatic to premiere “Death Grip”, a brand new song form Midwest punk act The Timmys!  The tune will appear on the band’s upcoming EP Dude, Girl slated for release September 2nd.

Violent Affair – “Trapped Like Rats”

Oklahoma City punk band Violent Affair have a pretty exciting new project in the works.  See, they’re going to release… well, I’ll just singer Dave Williams explain it:

“Since our last release “The Cockroach Theory” we have been on the road a lot. During that time we have written and recorded a lot of new music for a project we are calling “Anthems Of Defiance In A Dying World” which we want to release in a series of five seven inches that all follow the five stages of grief.”

Roboter – Memories & Scars

Flav Giorgini from Squirtgun and Dave Wright of More Amour have teamed up to form an acoustic duo called Roboter, and they’re putting out their debut EP titled Memories & Scarson August 19th through Round Dog Records.

The Grizzly Band – 3 tracks from Lost And Found

Altercation Records Alt-Country/Punk act The Grizzly Band has released it’s second full length entitled “Lost And Found”.  If your not already familiar the band delivers solid punk and roll tunes that lean heavily toward country without ever leaving their punk roots far behind.


ASTPAI – Burden Calls

“Sometimes new ground doesn’t need to be broken. If nothing else, Burden Calls is a consistent album that keeps true to the sonic approach that ASTPAI has cultivated over the past decade. There is some great punk rock to be found here. Seriously, go listen to “Careers”. If Dead Language didn’t quite hit the mark for you, or if you’ve been patiently (or impatiently) waiting for a follow up to C I V I L W A R to be released, Burden Calls might be exactly what you need to fill the void.”

Nowhere – Cancer

“Dischordant music set to personally post-apocalyptic lyrics such as “Oh, we’re gutter lovers/In this piss stink darkness/With backs against the wall/Finally something to lean on” paint pictures. The problem is it’s somewhat of a Walmart quality landscape painting when what I want out of my dark, brooding art is more Picasso. It’s not that I think there’s no potential here, because there is. A lot.”

The Gaslight Anthem – Get Hurt

“As far as breaking out of the mold goes, Get Hurt is pretty successful. Rather than play it safe, the band takes some risks this time around resulting in an album that doesn’t just come off as an extension of previous work. Unfortunately in the process of climbing out of the niche that the band has carved for themselves, the final product is a little uneven. The sequencing is partially to blame, as the energy abruptly shifts a few too many times during the album’s middle, but even in another order there just might be too many ideas crammed into these twelve songs (sixteen, if you include the deluxe and iTunes bonus tracks) to give it a perfect flow.”

The Tim Version – Ordinary Life

Ordinary Life has its problems– it sags hard in the middle, despite its great songwriting, and feels a little too homogenous at times. At forty-four minutes, this is a long punk album, and when the needle lifted, I never quite felt it earned all of those minutes. Which is a shame, because there are a handful of great songs here– some of them could guiltlessly be called anthems– but it doesn’t leave you thinking about the high points it has interspersed throughout it, it leaves you     thinking about all the monotony between the high points. The Tim Version have always been a good band, but never have been a great ‘album band.’”

The Copyright – Report

“If you’re already a fan of The Copyrights then this album will absolutely reinforce that love you feel; And if you’re not a fan after giving Report a listen then you likely never will be. There are lots of great punk bands around just now and to this writer The Copyrights are amongst those leading the charge. In a world where so much is going wrong it’s great to listen to albums like Report and forget about it all for a while; taking in the constant stream of melody, hooks and harmony, it’s a tried, tested and now improved band formula that has invigorated another fourteen tracks in The Copyright’s already impressive arsenal.”

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