A Week In Punk: This Week’s Biggest Stories Recapped (8/24/14)

What up, punk fans.  Here’s what I thought was especially cool this week.  Loved the Bruce Lee Band track off their upcoming album featuring Operation Ivy’s Jesse Michaels.  And speaking of punk rock superstars, the Mikey Erg song off his upcoming split with Warren Franklin was a real gem.  Oi!/Street Punk fans should definitely check out a stream of the upcoming Justice Blocc 7-inch, particularly the song “It’s Nothing New”.  The Misgivings streamed my favorite melodic punk song of the week off their upcoming EP.  In the world of melodic hardcore I really dug Capsize’s new song “This Song Made Me Think Of You” but the free EP from Hopes is a can’t miss for true melodic hardcore fans.  Austin punk act Buried Cities released my favorite straight up punk rock culture music video of the week.  I was stoked to discover folk-punk act True North through their new EP and I can’t seem to get enough of the new Parasite Diet album – fans of “Oldies” influenced, harmony infused pop-punk are definitely gonna want to check them out.  But that’s just what I was into.  Read below to see what most of you readers were checking out.

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Here’s what you missed, what you ignored and what you’re sick of reading about. 

1. Here’s a list of ten things you didn’t know about Josh Freese.

2. Remember what I said about Dave Brockie’s sweet viking funeral? Here’s a video.

3. Greg Hetson joined Pennywise on stage for some cover songs.

4. Joey Cape talked about his record label.

5. Hot Water Music are set to embark on a 20th anniversary tour.

6. Watch this video of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes live in Paris.

7. There’s another punk rock super group.

8. Anti-Flag released a song to benefit the Michael Brown Jr. Memorial Fund.

9. Rise Against announced US tour dates.

10. Gerard Way, formerly of My Chemical Romance released his first solo song.


Darko – “Atlas to Atlantis”

UK skate punks Darko will be releasing their brand new EP “Sea Of Trees” on September 9th through Lockjaw Records (UK) and Bird Attack Records (US).

Justice Blocc – Justice Blocc 7″

f you’re an Oi! fan and you’re not yet familiar with Colorado Springs Oi! band Justice Bloccits time to take notice.  The band has a self-titled 7-inch coming out on Oi! The Boat Records this Winter and on August 25th they’ll be hitting the road for a 2 week tour of the Midwest.

Horror Section/Eaten Back to Life – Split

Horror pop-punk partners-in-crime Horror Section and Eaten Back To Life are gearing up to release their new split LP titled Split In Two on September 4th through Eccentric Pop Records.

Empty Lungs – From Russia With A Lack Of Love

Belfast pop-punks Empty Lungs are gearing up to release a new 2-song EP titled From Russia With A Lack Of Love on August 20th through Jobsworth Records.

Sink Alaska – 7″ EP

Scottish punks Sink Alaska are planning on releasing a new 7-inch on September 1st through Make-That-A-Take Records.


 NONA – Through The Head

“Unfortunately, the major downside to this re-release is that it doesn’t contain a whole lot of goodies for anyone who caught the album when it originally came out. Audiophiles might rejoice at the new mixes, but for the most part this re-release is really for the folks who missed the train the first time around. Imagine if Lemuria or Cheap Girls never polished their respective sounds and continued to push out lo-fi pop hooks left and right with the distortion turned all the way up, and you’ve got an idea of what to expect from this album.”

Rise Against – The Black Market

“All things considered, The Black Market could have been a trainwreck of an album, but instead it settles into the comfortable groove laid down by its predecessors. Unfortunately in the process of settling into that familiar territory, the album drowns in lyrical aimlessness (C’mon guys, where is the rage? Even Endgame had the lyrically powerful “Make It Stop (September’s Children)”), an abundance of recycled ideas and way too many 4 minute songs. So is The Black Market a disaster? No. Is it a disappointment? Most definitely.”

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