Adam Lohrbach talks about his career in Home Grown

Alter The Press! recently did a special interview with Adam Lohrbach of the defunct O.C. pop punk band Home Grown, where he talks mostly about the band’s career prior to their breakup in 2005. In the interview, Adam was asked where the band has been “today” and his response was,

“Well believe it or not we’re still surviving and mind you, not at our parents’ homes. I suppose in some strange way that was worth boasting of in our 20’s, but maybe not so much in our 30’s, ha. To be honest, I’m not quite certain what everyone is up to at the moment, however they’re all really resourceful and talented guys so I’d imagine they’re doing great. I believe Darren [Reynolds, drums] is managing/part owner in a surf shop in Huntington Beach. It was awhile back, but Dan [Hammond, guitar] was doing quite well installing solar panels (however he did get in a work related accident, but is ok) so I’m not sure if he’s still doing that. He also plays in an amazing cover band from time to time. John [Tran, guitar/vocals] has a place near the beach last I know of, but he was the financial brain behind the band so I’m sure he’s doing well for himself. He’s also written some great songs post-HG. As for myself, I’m a husband and father of 2 boys and having the time of my life stumbling through it all.”

Adam was also asked if Home Grown would ever reform for at least one show. He replied, “There was talk of it a long while back, but doubtful.”

You can read the rest of the interview here.

Home Grown’s last full-length studio album Kings of Pop came out exactly ten years ago today on Drive Thru Records. Their final release was the 2004 EP When It All Comes Down, which was released on the same label.

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