Album Review: Bad Buka – “Through The Night”

This is an album that if you start at the beginning and listen all the way through, you may feel as though you just stepped off the carousel at Dark’s Pandemonium Carnival; be careful not to listen in reverse. The first track on the album “Demons” is an “exorcism to cleanse and commence the journey into the album”. Once your soul is sterilized you are ready to dive deeper into the cuts of the L.P.

Prior to the release of the album came the video for “Through the Night/Moj Moj”, which definitely was the right song choice to showcase and represent the album. It pulls you in first with eerie guitar chords beneath the powerful and luring vocals of Lady Diana. The brief serenity in the song is quickly shattered as the band abruptly joins in with Slovko’s voice now front and center. This song will attach itself in your brain’s temporal lobe but this earworm will be friendly and welcomed.

Through the Night is a collection of well written compositions painting a portrait of life and love with an extra large dose of mystery. Track # 7 “Elephant Police” is a metaphor in itself, I am still uncertain of all the multi-layered meanings behind this song but from what I gather the elephant represents both memory and/or the proverbial “elephant in the room”; the rest is for the writer to know and the audience to imagine. This track also inspired the album artwork which is an elephant skeleton with a police hat and boots.

A couple of the songs on the album are in Croatian. The second part of “Through the Night/Moj Moj” translates to “My My”. A rough translation would be that the main character in the song has accepted and appreciates the ups and downs that life has bestowed. Track # 10 “Daj Daj” is interpreted to mean “Come On Come On” and the song is about a man who wishes his old lover would call him back.

The musicianship on this recording is renowned, from the multiple percussionists, a very talented fiddler, skilled bassist, melodic guitarist and very impressive labrosones. The vocal styling of Slovko accompanied by his female backings fit perfectly together on every track. My only criticism could very well be considered a compliment; I was blown away by Diana’s singing, so much that I wanted to hear her individual voice more on the album.

4 / 5 Stars

You can stream the whole album below.

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