Album Review: Bloody Mammals – “Eventually Your House Will Burn Down”

This is a nicely executed EP. Bloody Mammals dances between Dillinger like intensity while flirting with post-hardcore vibes the likes of Ghost of a Thousand. Although their influences are quite apparent, Bloody Mammals has just enough originality to offer a fresh take on some well worn ideas. Bloody Mammals has a tangible manner of song writing that comes off as accessible while remaining in your face and ferocious; a delicate balance to achieve. The production value of this release is great,  offering a well rounded exhibition of this band’s talents and personalities; which is particularly important seeing how many of us are hearing this band for the first time.

I won’t say that this EP isn’t without its faults.  It’s relatively short, which is to say that the lackluster sections take up valuable space. Their single, “Madam”, is my favorite track; funky ass bass lines and hooky rhythms demonstrate that this band has a ton of character. Unfortunately, I can say with confidence that “Madam” is the best constructed song on the album, and although the album ends wonderfully, there are many pitfalls that prevented me from enjoying this release all the way through.

But, to be honest, this release was fun to listen to; its sixteen minutes of unique creativity that post-hardcore fans can get into. Although my interest wavered throughout the EP’s entirety, I definitely think that the future will be bright for Bloody Mammals; they have the smarts and the talent to contribute something of mass substance… sooner or later.

3/5 Stars

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