Album review: Broken Bottles, Broken Bones by The Ratz

If you put a few musicians into a room together, it’s almost guaranteed that they’re going to start playing together.  Sometimes that just amounts to late nights, too much booze and some crappy Avail covers around a campfire, but sometimes everything clicks and a new band surfaces from behind the empty PBR cans.

That’s the case with New Haven, Connecticut’s The Ratz, a pure punk rock effort that started with three friends having fun, and ended with Broken Bottles, Broken Bones, a 10-track album that was released this year on Die Hipster! Records.  Keep reading below to read more and stream the album.

Once you hit play on Broken Bottles, Broken Bones, you get hit with the low-fi, 3-chord sound of punk rock a la The Misfits, and the feeling is reinforced in the lyrics: “bringing it back to the old school.”  This stripped-down track is a quick introduction to the band’s style, and is immediately followed by the short and catchy “I’m Fucked.”

Because two members of The Ratz also play in The Lost Riots, they were careful to avoid making this album sound like a Lost Riots redux.  Wanting to deliver a different sound, the songs switch off between vocalists to create a little variety.  “Queen of Chaos” may be the strongest song on the album, with a big bass and drum intro setting the stage for more introspective lyrics, but the vocals fall a little flat compared to “Jackie O.”  The band takes aim at ex-punks who have become hipsters on “You’re Cool,” and the album ends on a bittersweet note with “Lisa,” a song about losing touch with an old friend.

The bottom line: if you are into early punk from the Ramones, Sex Pistols, or the Misfits, you should check this album out.

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