Album Review: Butcher Knives – “Misery”

A melting pot of multi-cultural ingredients is what you’ll find in Butcher Knives‘ music, with roots in Morocco, Israel, Columbia, New York and New Orleans. The Brooklyn-based musicians are as authentic as they are diverse and their cohesive sound shines through on their recent album release Misery.

The vocal delivery by Nacho Segura is raw and relaxed but cuts through perfectly one track at a time. The fifth and eighth songs on the album (“Butcher Knives Unite” & “Kaiser Sose”) features bi-lingual rapper Ephniko, delivering Spanish Rap lyrics over what usually would be considered non-traditional beats for hip-hop, but it works. Butcher Knives truly bridges the cultural gap in music and even takes a political stance on immigration in songs like “American Dream”, which is set to become the second single from the album.

The first single from the album is “Tell Me Why” that also has a video that is worth a watch at the band’s YouTube page. The song speaks of love and betrayal and who couldn’t relate to that? When you can relate to a song, an album or a musician there becomes a connection in the universe between you (the fan) and the music itself. Misery will easily connect with you; either from personal experience or at least it will allow you to put yourself in the shoes of the writers.

Each song on the album has perfectly selected samples from Tal Galfsky and each track gives you a sense of punk, middle eastern sound, Spanish elements and an urban landscape. I would totally recommend adding this album to your collection especially because you will be hard-pressed to find a similar style group of musicians. Not bad for a debut.

4 /5 Stars – Listen below

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