Album Review: Dave Hause – “Resolutions”

Dave Hause played guitar and did some vocals in the bands ‘The Curse’ and ‘Paint It Black’ before helping to form ‘The Loved Ones’ back in 2004. While his early bands are considered to be more hardcore, ‘The Loved Ones’ have that punk meets Bruce Springsteen feel to them, a sound that is very popular these days. Their music is similar to some of the stuff by ‘The Gaslight Anthem’ but Dave and his fellow band mates put their own spin on it. I first heard ‘The Loved Ones’ music about five years ago, a friend of mine gave me a copy of their self titled EP and I really enjoyed it. Since then I’ve picked up all of their releases, seen them live and met a couple of the band members (we actually ended up talking about how successful ‘The Gaslight Anthem’ were becoming).

So when I found out that Dave Hause was releasing a solo album I was both excited and confused. From what I’d read, “Resolutions” was going to be more of an acoustic album, which is cool but I didn’t (and still don’t) really understand why this album wasn’t recorded with ‘The Loved Ones”. Usually when the lead singer of a band puts out a solo disc it’s in a style of music that doesn’t fit with the stuff his band usually releases and that is what confuses me about “Resolutions”. These songs could have easily been put out on an acoustic album by ‘The Loved Ones’ and they would have fit just fine. Perhaps there are other reasons as to why this was not a band release, who knows? I don’t. Now on to the review.

“Resolutions” is an amazing record but it sure as hell is not a happy one. These songs are filled with images of hard times, longing and even death but throughout them all there is a feeling of hope. That’s a thing that I don’t mention very often in these reviews, the emotion that you get from the music. To me this is a very emotional album, Dave Hause has managed to do more than just tell you a story, he has managed to make you feel it, at least he did for me.

While listening to “Time Will Tell” (the first song) I feel like I’ve been transported to a time from my past. Lyrically he’s singing about being nostalgic for his younger days so it makes sense, but it’s also in the music. The track sounds like a Bruce Springsteen song (not any particular one, it just has that feeling) and reminds you of an easier time. That vibe is continued throughout the album with the exception of the song “Prague (Revive Me)”. The music in that one has a gypsy, or maybe even a circus sound to the guitar. It’s still a good song but it’s placement, in the middle section of the album is puzzling, it kinda throws off the flow of the disc. I think it would have been better to put this track as the last song rather than where it is.

Speaking of the last song, it’s called “Meet Me At The Lanes” and it’s another nostalgic song. On this one Dave sings about getting his friends together more often before they grow even further apart. Most of us who are in our thirties, or beyond understand what he’s feeling.

If you’re looking for something a little more upbeat, the songs, “Resolutions” and “Rankers and Rotters” are the most rockin songs on here. Neither of them are what I would call ‘happy’ songs but they do the best job at conveying that feeling of hope that is laced throughout the whole album. As demonstrated by the repeating of the line “We Won’t Back Down” several times at the end of “Rankers and Rotters”.

This release is Dave Hause at his best. As I said, I am a fan of ‘The Loved Ones” but at least in my opinion, “Resolutions” tops all of their albums.

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