Album Review: DeeCRACKS – “Beyond Medication”

Austrian pop-punk heavyweights DeeCRACKS are known for their no-nonsense approach to the old school pop-punk (dare I say “ramonescore”) sound popularized by seasoned bands like The Queers, Screeching Weasel, etc. and that’s exactly what they deliver on their latest album Beyond Medication. And though the record doesn’t really bring anything completely new or groundbreaking to the table, it’s a phenomenal addition to a great band’s growing catalogue.

The songwriting, as one might expect from a pop-punk record, isn’t extremely complex but it’s still catchy and will keep you singing along for the album’s entirety. The instrumentation is spot on, just like it has been on all of DeeCRACKS’ past releases, with blazing fast drum beats, all down-strummed guitar and bass parts, and vocals that are appropriately gritty.

As for my favorite songs on the album… I think all of the tracks on Beyond Medication are great in their own unique way. Songs like “Dead End Mission,” “Adderall,” and “Terminal Illness” are hard and fast, while others like “Charity Forever,” “Crazy Girl,” and “Summer’s Gone” are much more tame and melodic. One thing they all have in common? They’re awesome!

So if you like bands on the more “punk” side of the pop-punk spectrum (not the shit high school kids are listening to and going to the Warped Tour for), I highly recommend you give DeeCRACKS a chance. They’re a phenomenal band and Beyond Medication is a great record for a new listener to get started off on.

4/5 Stars – Listen to the entire album below.

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