Album Review: DoGs – “Disappointing”

DoGs are a 3 piece punk rock band from Orlando. They’re heavily influenced by 90s US punk, and boy does it show. Listening to this album is like jumping in a time machine and reemerging in FL, 199-something. There’s a sweaty energy, and a sunny atmosphere to even the angriest of tracks, showing the positive effect that shot of Vitamin D from the Sunshine State’s intense heat can have on even the toughest of punks.

Opening track “The Beach” is 32 seconds worth of pure hardcore punk assault on the eardrums. What better way is there to start a record!?

Heavily distorted guitars, feedback and snarling vocals tick all the boxes for your typical punk rock. There’s a couple of pretty darn epic solos on the EP, showcasing the boys’ instrumental talents – proving their not all snarl, no substance. There’s a few anthemic choruses too, that’ll get firmly lodged in your head, as well as the circle-pit inducing “Take a Drink”, closing the EP perfectly.

Whilst this is no unique sound, when done right it can lead to a whole heap of success (cough Rancid cough), and these boys know how to do it right.

4/5 Stars

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