Album Review: Drunk Couples – “Blasted!”

Crashing right through the gates of Bob Records comes the debut LP release of Drunk CouplesBlasted!. Formed in 2014, this is their second release right after their 2015 EP Cruisin’. When this showed up in my inbox, the grim reaper riding a dragon that was breathing fire on a cruise liner gave me just enough of a hint as to what I should expect.

The album’s first track “Dick Swingin’ Contest” takes only a second before the insanity kicks in, and from there it’s just awesome riffs, hollering vocals, and drum thrashing. If anything, this feels like it’s leaning towards a hard rock album, tossing in elements of punk. Coming in around thirty minutes in whole, each song has its own nature of aggressive, and never attempts to slow down. The tracks are loaded with drums clashing and guitar work that leads the way in melody and speed. Lyrically you’ll find a mix of hangin’ with the buddies, tearing up the town, boozin’, and headbangin’  in all night long rushes. There’s a strong “party rock/punk” vibe with this album, ever-present in tracks like “Wrecked” and “Raisin’ Hell In The Holy City”. The speed and thrash of such an energy is so strong, that as the album continues it feels like all your senses are being tapped; that smell of beer in the air and taste of nicotine in your mouth, as sweat runs down your neck, watching the band tear it up on stage.

Blasted! does stick heavily to this mentality, both instrumentally and vocally, and while not really switching it up, it never gets monotonous (and more importantly, never boring). To put it bluntly: the album is far too much fun. These South Carolina natives embody the nature of punk/hard rock club energy: alive, off the walls, and in your face. Blasted! is an album that after listening to it, you can only imagine how fun and crazy it would be to see this band live. I can already see the pits to “Raisin’ Hell In The Holy City” and “Carcass”. Drunk Couples has done one hell of a job for a debut album, which will be released June 17. So don’t miss out on this, it’s going to be one hell of a party.

4/5 Stars

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