Album Review: Entropy – “All Work, No Plagiarism”

To put it bluntly, Entropy play hardcore. The act may hail from Orange County, NY, but the aggressive speed of their songs might have you think that they’re from the West coast, and arguably more well-known, OC (but please, don’t call it that). The band’s debut album, All Work, No Plagiarism pulls all the right strings and throws all the right punches to

In classic hardcore punk fashion, All Work, No Plagiarism contains sixteen tracks, while clocking in at barely nineteen minutes. Only three of those sixteen break the 1:30 mark. The guitars are thrashy, and the bass is super thick all the way through. Vocalist Brian Lawrence isn’t afraid to get in your face and tell you how it is, even if he’s singing about being on the same side. The only time that the band slows down is during the album’s finale, “Crazy Eddie’s Business School”. It’s not even that slow of a song, it’s just slower than the others, due to the fact that it’s a ska song.

Although the music might make you think otherwise, Entropy is a band that likes to have fun. Just look at the album cover, which is a clear Black Flag parody with dollar bills replacing the iconic black bars. Entropy isn’t shy to drop plenty of pop culture references in their song titles either. From movies (Back to the Future Part IIBill and Ted’s Excellent AdventureDirty WorkGhostbusters, The Goonies) TV shows (Arrested Development, The League, and if I’m not mistaken, a Dana Carvey-centric Saturday Night Live skit), and comics (Deadpool), Entropy takes just as much influence from visual media as they do 80’s and 90’s hardcore.

In an age where hardcore can mean pretty much anything, Entropy is a breath of fresh air. On All Work, No Plagiarism, the band keeps it simple and the result is an album that deserves to be played loud and on repeat several times.

4 / 5

RIYL: Kid Dynamite, Gorilla Biscuits, Circle Jerks

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