Album review: Fableway- “FUCKSEXBBQ”

It’s almost difficult to remember what punk music from the second wave sounded like. Since that wave hit way back in the 20th century, it seems like punk rock has undergone change after change, warping into pop-punk, emo, hardcore, and about a million other subgenres. So when listening to a band like Fableway, nostalgia kicks in. This is what punk used to sound like, and damn was it ever good back in the day.

Despite the unfortunate album name (“FUCKSEXBBQ” sounds more like Charlie Sheen’s typical Saturday), Fableway’s debut is a solid one. Channeling bands who made punk awesome back in the 90’s, Fableway sound like they grew up listening to bands like Pennywise, Lagwagon, No Use For A Name, and countless other bands. The album is speedy, catchy, and hearkens back to a time when overproduction and over-screaming were unheard of in punk rock albums.

“FUCKSEXBBQ” starts off with a bang with the track “Here They Lay,” an ode to freedom (or a lack thereof) and to destruction of the powers that be. Sure, the idea might not be original- pretty much every band has their version of this idea by now- but Fableway pull it off by sounding like they actually give a damn about their music. Of course, the band have their sillier moments, like with the ode to the mundane, “Chronicles of A Shitty Day,” but tracks like this prove that no band can take themselves too seriously.

Tracks like “Jonesin Ghost” still display some personal growing pains- is it better to grow up and give in, or to grow old fighting? There is no definite answer, and no punk song will change that; rather it is an issue that everyone can relate to at some point. From the sounds of it, Fableway haven’t given up the fight, and continue to search for their voice in a world that favors conformity over rebellion.

Fableway definitely won’t be changing the world, but rather will help restore faith to those who have witnessed the ever-changing punk rock scene. It’s refreshing to know that there are still bands like Fableway out there: bands that remind us all why we started listening to punk rock in the first place.

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  • This band is amazing, and this is going to be an “Album of the Year” contender. I know it’s only march, but trust me. It’s some of the best outfits out right now. I kid you not.

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