Album Review: Farewell Continental – EP #2

Farewell Continental is the mysterious, five-piece Minneapolis fuzz rock outfit that serves as a break from Richard Kimble’s day job (you know, chasing one-armed wife-killers and running from Tommy Lee Jones of course).  EP#2 is their latest Paper + Plastick release, and features six songs of poppy, noisy, upbeat indie rock music with lyrics of failure, angst and total destruction, which makes for an interesting dichotomy.

Album opener “The Great Decay” has a classic indie-rock sound that wouldn’t appear out of place on a Silversun Pickups album.  The call-and-response interplay between Allie Fox and Kimble on vocals sounds sweet and playful despite their asking you to “fuck the world with me.”  “Son of a Bitch, Son of a Whore” continues with bright, poppy melody and features an unfortunately catchy, sing-a-long chorus. I say unfortunately catchy because one listen will have the line “she’s a son of a bitch, she’s a son of a whore” immediately stuck in your head and you will find yourself singing it out loud at the copy machine in the office and prompt a lot of odd glances from co-workers.

“Camera Ready Kids” and “Western Boys & Girls” keep the tempo upbeat, the latter a mid-tempo rocker that has Fox and Kimble again trading lines off-and-on.  “Total Devastation” is a return to the ala-Silversun Pickups sound of “The Great Decay.”  The album’s closer, “Our House,” is a cover of the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young classic, and is actually pretty true to the original. While they don’t quite harmonize like CSNY, most people don’t so that is not a knock on Farewell Continental’s version. FC are able to put their own futuristic, indie rock spin on the song while not upsetting those who hate to have a classic tampered with.

EP#2 is a great, albeit short, album that strives to put a modern spin on classic early 90s indie rock (think Pavement or Dinosaur Jr or Flaming Lips only good), and fires on all cylinders.

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