Album Review: Gunner’s Daughter – “Dissolutions”

Gunner’s Daughter is a 4-piece punk band hailing from Chicago that has released three EPs so far, with their most recent being “Dissolutions,” which was released on August 17th via Death To False Hope Records.

This EP consists of three hard-hitting Midwestern punk jams that are both extremely punchy and catchy. It kicks things off right with a little ditty entitled “The Face of Whitecaps.” This song is about “taking stock in your life” by valuing what you have right in front of you.

Next up is “Old Reinstein,” which was inspired by a park that the band’s lead singer, Chris Behm, used to visit frequently with a “special someone.” After recently revisiting the park with that same special someone, he came to realize that the park has changed and so have their lives. Chris says that the bottom line of the song is “as much as you know things will never be the same, you’ll never learn until you’re slapped in the face with reality on a cold fall day.”

Wrapping up “Dissolutions” is a fantastically inspirational song about doing what you want to do no matter what obstacles are in your way. Entitled “Dead On,” this is the first song the band wrote after parting ways with their original singer and thinking that the band would completely fall apart. Considering the fact that the band has released two new EPs since and is still making great music, it’s obvious that this wasn’t the case.

All in all, this is a great release from a great band. We also recommend that any fans of Hot Water MusicBanner Pilot, Off With Their Heads, and any other bands of the like click here and download it for free.

4/5 stars

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