Album Review: Immoral Discipline – “Total Discipline”

I was lucky enough to have grown up during the golden age of punk. When lyrics were belted out through a guitar amp. Where you put a vinyl record on and heard the scratches and the fuzzy lyrics and instrumentals. Where the songs sounded as though they were written on the back of a greasy spoon napkin and hastily recorded in a garage or basement. This was punk at its finest. Pure punk for punk purists. That being said when the offer to review Immoral Discipline came across our website for review, I sent an urgent offer to the review coordinator. I waited impatiently for the CD’s to arrive. The DSI Archives label sent the CD along with DSI Archives #6. DSI Archives is a company committed to preserving the DC area sound, a task that I do not envy. The Washington DC scene was and is one of the most diverse and greatest punk scenes ever. It is one of the recognized punk holy lands. I would encourage the readers to contact DSI Archives for information on their offerings. You can reach them at

The band Immoral Discipline was born on the hallowed ground of DuPont Circle, a place where the D.C. OI! sound was very alive and very well. In the mid 80’s, kids were more disenfranchised then ever. There was no internet or cell phones. Texting wasn’t something you did between lane changes. Punk was a word of mouth musical genre. To be spoken about outside your group of friends meant something. I spent quite a few weekends at DuPont Circle. Ken Ruprecht and I would ride the train down to Washington D.C and tell my parents that I was staying at a friends. I was lucky enough to have seen Immoral Discipline as they destroyed the Oi! scene that they came to love. This was not the straight edge emotional hardcore that was brilliantly good, this was hardcore OI! at its best. This was Immoral Discipline playing and singing about the world as they saw it. I had heard the tragic story of the formation of Immoral Discipline, and I encourage the readers to look into it. It was the spark that gave strength and truth to the way Immoral Discipline played their own brand of OI! and led to them sharing the stage with other such great acts as Government Issue, A.O.D., American Youth and Bio Hazard. This album is a compilation of all the Immoral Discipline songs, from the oldest demo to the live show at The Safari Club of D.C. legend.

The CD starts out with a very rough demo. That being said it is a brilliant demo. Back then you recorded yourself in your garage with a tape desk and a few amps. Studio sound was a luxury few could afford. The brand of Oi! Immoral Discipline played was pure working class. The Album starts off with “Boots and Braces, Stars and Stripes”, a song that shows a band searching for the right sound and unknowing as to how good they will actually become. That is followed by “Stupid and United We Stand, Divided We Fall”, an anthemic song that sees the band proud of their country and who they were. The CD segways into the previously unreleased “New Dawn”, a song about nuclear annihilation, something that was ever present during the height of the cold war that Immoral Discipline lived through. The Cd includes the Battlefield EP, which includes songs like “Liar” and “Redneck Stomp”, the Immoral Discipline EP that threw out songs like “Your Life Is A Lie” and a Cockney Rejects cover of “Bad Man”, the previously unreleased Turmoil Years (another offering full of D.C. Oi! punk gems) and an LP that includes the fantastic song in “The Unknown Soldier”. All in all this is a straight up working class Oi! band that was classic from the beginning. The final song of the CD is a live recording from The Safari Club in D.C. at Immoral Discipline’s show on August 6th 1989. This is one of my favorite songs by Immoral Discipline and defiantly my favorite on the CD.

All in all, I give this CD a solid 4 1/2 out  of 5 stars. It is a punk purists dream and a way for new fans to look back into where punk came from. The CD itself has been released to donate the proceeds to several different charities and it encompasses the bands entire catalog. I am very glad that DSI Archives has taken it upon itself to insure that such great Oi! punk is not lost. Anyone interested in a copy of Immoral Discipline : Complete Discipline, should email them at Not only is it for a good cause, but your IQ will spike up a dozen points. This CD is a must for all listeners of the Oi! sound.

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