Album Review: Killtime – “Planet of the Apers”

Writing a catchy pop-punk song isn’t rocket science. All you really need is three or four chords, a good hook, a shout-able chorus, and, in some cases, a simple guitar solo to be played in the absence of vocals. There’s no need for a dozen shitty breakdowns, laughably terrible lyrics about someone’s daughter not learning anything at the college she’s currently attending, or any of that other played-out bullshit you hear all of these ‘pop-punk’ bands shitting out nowadays.

The pop-punk heavyweights in Italy’s Killtime prove this with their latest full-length “Planet of the Apers.” Set to be released on August 6th through Sexy Baby Records, this record has anything and everything an old school pop-punk fan could ever want; whether it be an upbeat, aggressive track about people who just need to shut the hell up like “Talkin’ Talkin’ Talkin’,” a slow-paced love song like “Happy Summer”, or Queers frontman Joe Queer making a brief guest appearance on vocals for a song about… himself. You name it, this record probably has it.

The twelve songs on “Planet of the Apers” are all pretty short and to the point (only two tracks – “Be True to Me” and “You’ll Stop the Rain” – clock in over three minutes), keeping things interesting for the listener; that’s you! And for those with attention spans as short as mine, good news: the record’s run time is just a little under 24 minutes.

Musically, this is pretty much the same stuff that’s been rehashed time and time again by legions of bands heavily influenced by the legendary Ramones. In my book, however, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Old school pop-punk always has been and always will be one of my favorite sub-genres of punk rock, simply because it’s fun, simple music made of simpletons like myself.

4/5 Stars

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