Album Review: Let It Go – “Modern Atlas”


I listened to this 5 song E.P. by Baltimore’s Let It Go and came to the conclusion that after a long weekend, a bonus cup and some discordantly introspective punk rock seemed like a good way to start out my Sunday. There’s a lot to like about these five songs. Energetic drums and engaging, catchy guitars punctuate the best parts of “Modern Atlas”.

I feel like it’s telling that at the bottom of the band’s bandcamp page they tagged themselves as orgcore. Coming from someone who loves Hot Water Music as much as I do and would probably have a beard if it would just grow on the left side of his face, I’m in no way shitting on orgcore. The problem is when bands focus on the idea of being consciously orgcore it comes through in the music, and the problem with that is it’s a genuine, sincere type of music and needs to feel organic. None of this changes the fact that this is a solidly good fucking release.

The vocal delivery in the song “$5.50” on the lines “I’ll cross the t’s and dot the i’s/ Sign your name like I had the right” is awesome, unique and an absolute high point of this for me. The guitars are interactive and dynamic throughout, combining elements of early Small Brown Bike in “Rise/Set”, the occasional octave run that would be at home in a Smoke Or Fire song, And even incorporate upbeat single note leads reminisicent of No Trigger on “Age”. The rhythm section often shows glimpses of Stay Asleep era Bigwig, which is not only great on it’s own, it’s a ridiculously cool contrast to the guitars.

Everything I said above is just words. The less tangible effect this E.P. had on me was that when I stopped listening I felt similar to how i did leaving my first Hot Water Music show. This is why we do this punk rock thing. If these guys come to your town, go to their show. I’ll be listening to this more for sure.

3.5/5 Stars

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