Album Review: Live Fast Die Fast – “Keep Your Fingers Crossed”

Long Island, New York’s Live Fast Die Fast recently released “Keep Your Fingers Crossed” on Full Circle Attack Records.  The album is a follow-up to 2011’s “The End of What We Know” for the 5-piece hardcore band, which consists of singer Paul Turano, guitarists Lenny Leonardi and Rich Allegretta, bassist Steve Morton, and drummer Marc DiVito.

Clocking in at just 20 minutes, “Keep Your Fingers Crossed” is a quick dose of big, anthemic hardcore to get your blood flowing.  “The Definition” kicks off the album,  and serves as a spoken-word introduction to the album, as well as an introduction to hardcore itself.  The song states that “hardcore is a way of life” and that “this is the underground, and the underground is us.”  The theme of the united hardcore family carries through the album.

The meat of the album really comes in at the 4th track, “Begin Again.”  With a fierce guitar intro and powerful gang vocals (“this is the moment; it starts today”), you’re hearing true New York hardcore here.  The song is a perfect segue to “From the Start,” another gem with its slick tempo changes and metal-influenced guitar riffs.  The big drum rolls at the outset of “Uncertain” highlight DiVito’s skills, and the musicianship of all 5 members carries through every song.  The ferocity continues right through to the end, with “Red Tide” and “Horror Stories” closing out the album.

“Keep Your Fingers Crossed” serves up 9 solid tracks of traditional 90s-style hardcore.  The band cites Agnostic Front, Kill Your Idols, and Sick of It All as their major stylistic influences, and you can hear that influence throughout the album in their speedy drum rolls, crisp guitars, and breakdowns that will inevitably get a pit going.  Particularly strong is the influence of Mike Gallo, the bassist of Agnostic Front and a longtime friend who helped produce the album.  Turano credits his vocal patterns and ability to “keep it simple” to Mike Gallo’s influence.   With its nod to New York hardcore’s past, “Keep Your Fingers Crossed” still feels new and is definitely worth a listen.

4.5/5 Stars

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