Album Review: Masked Intruder – “Under the Mistletoe”

Depending on who you ask, Christmas albums are either incredibly fun (albeit silly) or incredibly gimmicky and pointless. Most can agree that either way they’re generally nothing more than a quick cash grab. Similarly, depending on who you ask, Masked Intruder is either an incredibly fun (albeit silly) band, or incredibly gimmicky and pointless band. And I think we can all agree that either way, they generally want nothing more than to quickly grab your cash.

With this in mind, it seems like Masked Intruder and Christmas albums are a perfect match for one another. And one listen to Under the Mistletoe, the band’s new Christmas-themed EP, confirms that this is indeed a union to be celebrated.

Under the Mistletoe”, the title track, is standard Masked Intruder fare: doo-wop infused pop punk hooks about wishing that girls could see them for more than just the mask-wearing thugs that they appear to be. The b-side, “Silent Night”, might begin with some familiar lyrics, but rather than being a straight-forward cover of the classic carol, the tune quickly shifts into a tale about the outlaw foursome’s run-in with the cops during Christmas time. So, you know, the usual for Masked Intruder, only with Christmas themed lyrics thrown into the mix.

As a welcome addition to Masked Intruder’s discography, Under the Mistletoe only runs for five and a half minutes. Its brevity keeps it from becoming too bloated and overstaying its welcome… unlike the actual holiday season. Move over, Mr. Grinch. Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red have stolen Christmas this year.

4 / 5

RIYL: Teenage Bottlerocket, House Boat, Mixtapes

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