Album Review: Masked Intruder/Turkletons split

This split by Madison, Wisconsin’s Masked Intruder and Minneapolis, Minnesota’s The Turkletons might have slipped under your radar, possibly overlooked in anticipation of the former band’s upcoming full length. However, this 7″ (co-released by Hang Up Records, Rad Girlfriend Records, and Lost Cat Records) isn’t one you want to skip pass so easily.

The Masked Intruder side of the split showcases what some of us already knew: Before the donning of the ski masks and color-coded-everything, these guys already had a solid (but strictly classified) history of writing and playing pop punk. Regardless of any criminal themes, the gusto put into these 4 fairly standard pop punk songs comes out well-polished and puts this split up there with some of my other favorites of the genre, the Dan Vapid And The Cheats/Jetty Boys split or the Direct Hit!/Mixtapes split.

2 tracks by Minneapolis band The Turkletons followed in suit, making the whole thing go down smoothly. This side is just as catchy, just as fast, and just as simple. Sure, that means there’s not a whole lot of variety, but it also means the entire split is balanced to a fine point. And honestly, it isn’t like you buy a 7″ to be blown away by variety anyway. 12 minutes of these kinds of quick, fun tunes is more than satisfying.

Short, sweet, and simple, this release meets the standards for the many great pop punk splits out recently. 8.5/10 stars.

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