Album Review: NOFX – “Cokie The Clown”

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At some point in time, this is really going to have to stop. I mean, how does NOFX do it? It seems like every two years (or less) NOFX is releasing new material, and its always awesome.

After Wolves In Wolves Clothing came out , I thought to myself, “Alright, this is great, but it is probably the last album they are going to do for a while.” In my head, it became a sad reality, but at least they went out with a bang.  But, when Coaster was announced, there was a glimpse of hope that they still had creativity.

Now, I will not say Coaster was a masterpiece, but it was solid, with plenty of great songs, jokes, and even emotion (My Orphan Year).  After a couple of months of it being released, I (again) became skeptical of anything new coming out for a while.

When NOFX said they would be putting out Cokie The Clown I was stoked. After they proved themselves with Coaster, I knew Cokie was going to rock…

So here I am, after 40 listens of Cokie The Clown, still loving it. It is true to the NOFX form: heavy, fast, catchy, truly punk rock.

Cokie The Clown opens up with circus music, instantly making its listeners laugh, then jumps into quick paced, distorted power chords, with Eric Melvin singing in his traditional “Mell Yell,” on the title track Cokie The Clown.  Fat Mike proceeds him in a greeting, singing about his alter ego, and the practical jokes he plays on people with his “flour” squirting flower. The song continues to be a back and forth between Fat Mike and Melvin, never losing its quickness.

The song ends, and Straight Out Of Massachusetts revs up into full gear. A song which is a little lighter than Cokie, but not any less punk rock. Explaining the many reasons Fat Mike moved to the San Fernado Valley, he picks fun at himself and at his home state; “I moved from Massachusetts cause it was fuckin’ cold.”

After two “joke” songs, NOFX sings about something they have a lot of knowledge in: alcohol abuse. Fermented and Failing is a two minute- forty second punk powerhouse of heavy verses and catchy choruses. Going at breakneck speed, the song retains the signature NOFX form. It seems its over as fast as it starts.

Co-dependance Day is fun, and exciting, but too fast. It is a great song, but it seems a bit rushed. But, it is an old school punk song: a stream of conscience with palm muted power chords.

The real gem on this EP is the acoustic version of My Orphan Year. Fat Mike rips down his emotional wall, and gives an intimate view of himself to his fans. The slow, melodramatic vocals in the song cause a stir of emotions in the listener. Fat Mike is open and honest, never holding anything back. Its a heart-wrenching, sincere ending to a EP full of humor.

Though this EP is short, it is truly sweet. NOFX have proven themselves once again, and I have no doubt that whatever they put out next (whenever that will be) will be great. It may not sound exactly like Punk In Drublic, it shows “maturity” and “growth” in a band that never seems to get old.  Cokie The Clown will fill the void between Coasters and their next release.

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