Album Review: Red City Radio – “The Dangers of Standing Still”

Grab some beer, some whiskey, some more beer and your like-minded friends; Red City Radio is back with their latest effort (and first full-length) “The Dangers of Standing Still.” The album features twelve tracks of back-and-forth layered vocals, catchy hooks, echoing choruses, exceptional melodies and an aggressive energy that combine to form the band’s own brand of booze-fueled, balls-out punk rock.

It’s not anything too different from their EP, “To the Sons and Daughters of Woody Guthrie,” and acts more like an extension of that disc. That’s saying a good thing though, because if you’ve heard the EP you know how amazing it is. If you haven’t, I recommend checking out that album as well. The one surprise is the fast songs. There are three songs with fast parts that make them sound a little like Living With Lions, which is a welcomed surprise. Faster is always better. That’s why some genius invented shotgunning beer. The sound isn’t the only recognizable trait. The cover art for “The Dangers of Standing Still” is pretty much the same as the 7” “Spinning in Circles is a Gateway Drug” except the skulls and one human head now have bodies but still no arms; evolution is a bitch.

“An Introduction of Sorts” is a great lead into the album and blends perfectly into “The Benefits of Motion” which makes it seem like one track. The band takes charge with “Two For Flinching,” a track that has to be the closest to sounding like Hot Water Music that they get without completely ripping them off. Start and stop guitars along with the continuous snapping of the snare sets up the statement “Together we can burn this fucking city to the ground!”

The next track awesomely titled, “Spinning in Circles is a Gateway Drug,” was also released on the 7” of the same name. They made a pretty good video for it too but it’s not as good as the video that they made for “We Are the Sons of Woody Guthrie.” Check YouTube to see both of them. The latter video makes me want to get drunk and go to a house party. I just hope Red City Radio is playing said house party.

From the first strings stroked, “50th & Western” stands out and is one of the best tracks in my mind. It’s headbanger friendly, has a fast part, a palm-muted vocals-only part and easy to sing lyrics like “the system it wasn’t designed for us” which make you really feel the song.

The Dangers of Standing Still, like their EP, is an all around great listen, but I am still expecting more from these dudes. This is still a great CD though so if you like their previous work or you are a fan of Hot Water Music, Living With Lions, Latterman, beer, whiskey, whoa’s and oh’s, good times or yelling, it’s a safe bet that you will be intoxicated by the album one way or another.

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