Album Review: Reviver – “Potential Wasteland”

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I have to admit that in the past couple of years it’s been hard to sift through the amount of music that I’ve been exposed to without passing off each new release as a clone of the years past. I’m not an elitist by any means but with the internet providing so much crap (every 12 year old has a bandcamp page now), it’s sometimes hard for me to get into some bands or even give them a chance. Growing up in the Boston area hasn’t helped either and has us spoiled sometimes. Well, this is not the case for the latest release “Potential Wasteland” from Salt Lake City’s Reviver.

After receiving it, I threw it on my iPod and gave it a solid listen. I was really impressed. I’ve heard about this band for a while and kind of slept on them but I’m really digging their latest effort. These kids are making music that just seems as sincere as it comes. The vocals almost remind me of an angrier Refused where you can just tell the words mean something and not just screaming whatever he wrote the night before recording. I could be wrong but that’s the impression I got.

Music wise, I’m really into the flow of the record. It’s not just a hardcore record. It would appear that they put some time into crafting a cohesive album. It always impresses me when it’s not just songs strung together. All the instruments sound great and clear with my favorite being the drum tone.

Since this is a review, if I had to compare Reviver to another band it might be a more melodic Modern Life is War. I’m only saying this for the fact that their style’s are similar and they don’t have to use breakdowns to get their point across. Other than that, they are doing their own thing. The CD is coupled with a few guest appearances including Derek from Defeater on the song “Undefined” which is just an added bonus.

Overall, I’m giving this the thumbs up and backing it hard. My suggested track would be “New Lows” but the whole album is great. These guys from what I hear are holding down the Salt Lake City area and are always touring so I’d def suggest picking this one up or checking them out when they stop in your town.

Here’s some links you should check out for the full Reviver experience. (video for wasteland) (download for their old full length, Versificator) (stream/purchase downloads) (physical merch store) (tumblr) (blogspot) (facebook) (twitter) (myspace)

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