Album Review: Sincerely Grizzly – “Halves”

South Australian outfit ‘Sincerely Grizzly’ have put together an outstanding full length debut titled ‘Halves’. Seriously…it’s really impressive. The band (a three piece) incorporate twinkly-emo  guitar parts and big melodic instrumental passages (a-la-post rock) but in-between all this musical noodling is a punchy little pissed-off emo band bashing away for good measure!

It is quite impressive on the first listen through as the bold tempo changes and sing/scream delivery hit all the right marks. Fans of Piano’s Become the Teeth & Touche Amore will get down with this right away ..however.. this band does not sound like they are merely mirroring their influences. That’s easy to say when the Aussie accent is so prominent but this is quite unique and indeed creative enough within the screeming-sad-band genre to be something honestly worth giving your attention.

The songs each vary in length (from 3-9mins) but there’s a lot on offer within each song. At times the track appears to have ended only to return surprisingly after a moments silence whereas at other times the tempo/style changes are drastic enough that it’s hard to tell if it’s even the same song! These twists and turns are just as fun as the instantly and familiar straight forward heavy bits.

Released locally in December 2014, possibly the worst time in the year to put out a record whatever country you’re from, many may have overlooked this gem or not even heard about it all.. so now is your chance to make up for that serious deficit in your musical life!!

3.5 / 5 Stars

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