Album Review: Stilett – S/T

Stilett, is a Swedish punk rock group comprised of members from successful homegrown bands like Bombshell Rocks, Tysta Mari, Twopointeight and The (International) Noise Conspiracy.  This is a rare super group whose sum is greater than their individual parts and who have created something fresh, authentic and just fucking beautiful with their self titled debut album.

This record is an unforgettable mix of rockin’ punk anthems, furious hardcore tunes and catchy ska jams. Adam Nilssons’ vocals in Swedish are soulful and versatile, he goes all out on the hardcore blasts and then get can get funky and sing with a lot of feeling on the ska tunes. The melodic, thumpy bass lines and the classic organ sounds give this punk album a very musical feel, in the same way Rancid did with their Indestructible album.  With Stilett, you got the gritty street sound of Rancid, the two-tone party vibe of The Specials and the raw, upbeat Oi energy of Sweden’s own Voice Of A Generation. That irresistible mix of styles makes this band sound exotic and original separating them from the rest of the pack of bands in the punk scene. Well done, homies.

5/5 Stars

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