Album Review: Surrender – “Waste & Wisdom”

Surrender are from Melbourne, Australia and play a style of melodic punk/hardcore that will be immediately familiar to fans of fellow Aussies Trophy Eyes, Anchors or Vices. The music fits in well with post-hardcore acts, pop punk line-ups or just straight up hardcore shows. What the band has crafted is a sound that doesn’t alienate one audience from another and still retains the essence and sincerity of its origins.

Waste & Wisdom is the band’s 2nd release and although it’s only 7 tracks, it certainly feel like a complete body of work, if not an album. Guitars engage in lots of harmonies and trade leads and riffs with one another which makes for an interesting listen and leaves space for the Bass to move around and fill some of the low-end without competing. Drums are crisp and clear with the snare up front and cymbals are nice and bright.

Vocalist David Hickford fronts the band with a hoarse/scratchy vocal not unlike Hot Water Music’s Chuck Ragan or Propagandhi’s Chris Hannah, and it blends well with the high energy of the band. The lyrical content comes across personal and concerned but avoids a lot of the typical emo-pit falls that bands hit when trying to be emotional and melodic. The pace chops and changes from break neck speeds and great fills to slower mid paced moments with breathing space and keeps things interesting from an audiences perspective.

The band has elected to make this a pay-what-you-want release and it goes without saying that this is worth your time if not your money. A great release to close off 2014 with!

4 / 5 Stars – Stream it below!

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