Album Review: Terror – “The 25th Hour”

With The 25th Hour, their 6th full length album, Terror wanted to return to their roots. While recording, they said that if something was too long, it would be trimmed down, and if it was too slow, it would be sped up. With the albums 14 songs coming in at just under 23 minutes, they seem to have lived up to the manifesto they set for themselves. The whole thing feels urgent and powerful, and with the longest song running 2 minutes and 27 seconds, the band leaves you with very little time to catch your breath.

The songs are certainly much faster than their recent output, and everything is like a more polished version of their earlier material. If they aren’t playing a breakdown, it’s pretty much guaranteed they are going full speed. I can see the circle pits forming already. Songs like “No Time For Fools” and “The Solution” represent this perfectly with machine gun drums and big, crushing guitars. This keeps the album moving right along, but there are also plenty of breakdowns to change things up. At times the transitions between the fast parts and breakdowns feel a little rushed, especially in the songs that are just a little over a minute long. But then you get songs like “Life Goes On,” where all these transitions are handled perfectly, and you stop questioning them.

The vocals and lyrics are typical hardcore fare, with Scott Vogel screaming about things like his bad habits in “Bad Signs” (“Dirty deeds keep calling me”), people acting phony in “Why?” (“On your own two-faced trip, it means fucking nothing, why are you here?”), and pride in the hardcore scene in “Deep Roots” (“Still screaming what I heard in ’89, the rebirth of hardcore pride.”). The surprise of the album comes in the form of “Both of You,” which in any other musical setting would be a tearjerker. Lyrics like “I’ve got your name / I’ve got your blood / But I don’t have / Your fucking love” really cut deep and I can only imagine the pain that must have been felt putting these words to paper and the ultimate release that comes with screaming them into a mic.

Terror doesn’t really do anything drastically new or different on The 25th Hour. Instead they reevaluate everything they have done so far, blend it all together, and put out the best of what they got. If you’re already a fan of Terror, you probably already picked this one up. But as someone who’s not typically a fan of this kind of breakdown heavy hardcore, I was still left impressed with what I heard. The band definitely deserves the honor of being one of the top hardcore acts of the day.

4/5 stars.

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