Album Review: The Civillains – “The Final Hour”

“The Final Hour” is the debut album by The Civillains, a melodic punk band from Stockholm, Sweden. They get their inspiration from a scene halfway around the world: the Berkeley/Gilman scene, around, let’s say, 1992.

Emulating the early, gritty style of Rancid, these Swedish punks have a knack for coming up with hooks and their musicianship is sharp and intricate. But it’s The Civillains reckless energy and their authentic lyrics that captures their spirit and helps establish their own identity. Their lyrics chronicle the insightful musings of guitarist/vocalist, Daniel Djurfelter. His words have a satisfying bite as he dishes barbs directed at society and sounds off about his own life. Djurfelter with his raspy voice delivers those catchy, no-nonsense rhymes with swagger. His lead vocals are enhanced when the whole band joins in on the gang shout choruses. The dual guitar attack by Djurfelter and Daniel Gullman features a warm, thick tone and classic, crunchy, melodic riffs. Bassist, Anton Nordin, who also takes over on lead vocals on some of the tunes, is excellent with his fills and he complements the overall melodies with his particular style.

All in all, this is rowdy, riot-inducing street punk at it’s finest, this side of the Atlantic. With “The Final Hour” The Civillains succeed at channeling the 1990s East Bay sound while representing their Stockholm roots with a genuine street-wise attitude.

4.5 stars

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