Album Review: The Mizzerables – “Every Last Stitch”

Though “Every Last Stitch” may be Chicago punk act The Mizzerables‘ first full-length album, if you were to hear it without having any knowledge of the band, you’d most-likely think it was at least their fourth record. Everything about this album, whether it be the tone of the bass or the way the sound of the vocals seems to fit perfectly with the instrumentation, is literally flawless.

Almost every track on “Every Last Stitch” has the potential to be any and every punk’s anthem, with a certain sing-along-ableness (yes, I just made that phrase up) comparable to that of classic songs like “Sing Along Forever” by the Bouncing Souls or, perhaps, the Face To Face‘s “Disconnected.” And, as most of us know, this is something rarely, if ever, heard on a band’s first full-length effort.

Stand out songs include the album’s first track “Pick It Back Up,” driven by a beefy Rancid-esque bassline that I could totally picture Matt Freeman breaking out in a jam session, as well as the ever-so-catchy “Bottoms Up,” which, along with its music video, is quickly becoming a fan favorite, and closing track “Scarlet Letters,” featuring female backup vocals that really complement frontman Joe Mizzi’s voice and a little keyboard playing, both of which add a little more dimension to the sound of “Every Last Stitch.”

From beginning to end, this is the perfect modern punk album. It has a good mix of extremely well-composted and flawlessly played speedy punk ‘n’ roll and pop-punk that, at one point, will make you want to throw some elbows in the pit and, at others, will urge you to throw your fist in the air and shout along to the lyrics as loud as humanly possible.

5/5 stars easily.

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