Album Review: The Rabble – “Life’s a Journey”

True talent doesn’t just lie beneath a hit song, ground breaking record sales or a successful World tour, true talent shines brightest in the words we speak and the actions we take.  When the subject is successful New Zealand trio, The Rabble you can rest assured that the talent will be on full display and the music will always be heard loud & clear.

Scratching off the punk rock layers prominently found in their previous albums (along with an EP and European exclusive greatest hits) Life’s A Journey takes the listener directly down the road less taken. From the historic intro highlighting some of the band’s most well known songs to the roots radical reggae of tracks such as Mind Ghetto and Wrong Side of the Tracks all the way to the break-neck street punk of Gunnin for the NRA and Reflection (the latter featuring street punk veteran, Mark Unseen of Boston’s The Unseen from a 2008 NZ based collaboration).  Life’s A Journey is definitely The Rabble at their finest.

Reminiscent of such notable albums as The Clash’s, London Calling and Green Day’s, American Idiot it’s the message conveyed on this album that really breaks it apart from a music industry saturated with Youtube sensations and auto-tune aficionados.  The lyrics are well versed and backed by the heart with songs about love, lower class struggles and standing up for what you believe in.

As the music progresses you are witness to three talented musicians proudly displaying their best work to date.  Some examples include the punk rock anthem found in the first single, The Journey down to the melodic love song, With A Rose in My Hand featuring Al Barr (of Dropkick Murphys fame) through memorable punk flavored tracks such as, Blood, Sweat & Tears and Dead Anthem. Life’s A Journey is the perfect musical representation of a life well documented.

I think it’s safe to say that there are two types of people in this World, those who like The Rabble and those who will. Welcome to your new favorite album…enjoy the ride!

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  • they are awful, musically and personally. they represent a small fraction of 14 y/o “punks” in new zealand that have nothing to offer except a narrow view and more often than not a multi-million dollar estate on the hibiscus coast. I don’t enjoy being associated with these ass-hats.

    • “a narrow view”….fuck I love closed minded punks eh. The fact that you abuse them not only musically but also personally shows that you don’t know your knob from your ass. I’ve meet these lads and they’re some of the most chilled out and honest musicians i’ve met in my life. The fact that you say they have a “multi-million dollar estate” as well shows you also have been ill-informed. I’ve been to Chaz’s flat in auckland and its by no means a “multi-million dollar estate”.

      In more positive talk, the albums farken awesome! Really enjoying it for what it is, good honest music! Well done lads! Don’t let one pump chumps like ol’ Bobby stingray above get to you eh, you guys are carving shit up!

      • you sir, are a fool who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I know several ex members who were shunned and kicked out for not changing to the “vision” these dumbasses had (completely sell out, water down the music into green day garbage and generally lick assholes till they rolled in cash) if you ever said what you just said to either of these people they would probably throttle you. you silly conclusion jumping insect

        • Haha fuck thats good for a laugh! I love this “punk” community eh! How you can you think rock musicians in New Zealand are rolling in cash? Are you delusional? Theres is fuck all money in music in this country and the only reason these guys play music is for the love of it! And if you think im a fool because you’ve got second hand information about the current band members then I feel sorry for you. I know these guys are they are farken good sorts who put everything they have into this band to make it worth; and I for one applaud them for sticking at it when most other bands just peter out! You can go on and get angry and insult bands for not playing the type of music that you want to hear, but you will be the one who losses out. Just like that old confucious tale; if you have shit in your heart you see shit with your eyes. Grow the fuck up!

        • well friendo, you’ll be stoked to know I have no need for your sympathy; because in reality, I am right and you have no intimate knowledge any of the things I talk about from the looks of it. one of the ex members is so angry at the way these guys went, he almost spits venom even if you mention the band. so don’t lecture me about insight haha

        • I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree then….but as far as “no immediate knowledge” and “Insight”; I didn’t feel the need to mention it before, but I actually work with Chazz and the guy is as good as they get. So your second hand knowledge spoken through bitter mates really means fuck all eh. I know the guys and they are farken good dudes. You may have no need for sympathy, but if you are that close minded then I still do feel sorry for you. Enjoy that shallow existance you and your bitter mates live in.

        • I guess we may have to. Good luck with that monkey on your shoulder

  • shut up u dnt no wat ur talking abouwt tthe rabble have workd thier way up from nufing and deserve to be famous your life must not be as much of a journey as theirs

    • you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about, enjoy your opinion; I’m not here to insult you (that much) but more to educate you about these bloodsuckers

  • Nah I’ve been to the parents house, it is in orewa, they even appeared on antiques roadshow selling some of their business so their sons could go overseas and hit the big time! well they don’t talk to me anymore, I used to be the biggest fan, why i even made an appearance on punkas forums defending them, and what do I get? nothing

    • exactly. the only people defending these guys are either misinformed or they don’t know the definition of self-righteous pricks who are only in it for the ca$$$h; CHUMPS 🙂

      • Hey, it’s Jay here. I don’t know who the person is claiming to be me on this site, and leaving comments using my name, but I can unequivocally state that I have absolutely no issues with The Rabble musically or personally. Chazz and Rupe have remained good friends of mine for many years, and they do in fact still talk to me. I will continue to defend The Rabble musically and as good friends should the occasion call for it, but I am 26 years old now and fighting with some butt hurt haters on the Internet is a waste of my time and energy. If you want to use my name in the future to spread your hate, at least have the decency to get your facts straight, and use correct grammar. Shit’s giving me a bad name.

  • Is it still considered diy if your Dad chaffeurs the van?

  • Holy hell! If you dont like the band then just dont listen to them, simple! What, are you 12? Do you feel more punk telling other that they dont meet your punk rock standards? Are you silly enough to actually read through your punk rock rule book? Sheesh! And to be honest i think its fucking awesome that their dad grew up in england listning to all our heros, i think its amazing that he love punk music so much that he actually supported his sons and belived in them where most parents would say ” its just a phase”. Punk rock daddio! Why would you complain about that! and did you ever think that maybe their dad drove them because none of them had cars? Its pretty simple lets not make it a big deal. Secretly i know your in your bedroom downloading their music, just cant admit it cause your big sheepy arnt ya! Haha!

    • Well said. People love to jump on the bandwagon of ringing out bands for changing or not playing the type of music they want to hear….but as the old saying goes, “its easier to destroy than it is to create”, so all these muppets who just try to bring down everyone else are just taking the easy road and doing fuck all to add to art/music.

  • Can i get a large hawaiian

  • The Rabble seem like nice dudes. I enjoy their albums. Every song on the new album is different from each other. I feel like a lot of bands fall into the trap of making every song sound the same because they don’t want to stray from their original sound.

    Sometimes this can result in albums being not very listenable. I mean sure I like loud fast straight up punk songs but if you do that on every song, on every album it really gets tiresome. I’m glad there’s bands like the Rabble that make albums instead of collection of songs that are no different from one another. Who cares if bands change as long as they do what they want to, it doesn’t matter. Be sure to check out my interview with Chazz. If you don’t enjoy their music then listen to a band you do like.

  • awesome new album, world class, best album since 2008

  • Its a great album good songs the best of the rabble

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