Album review: The Spastic Hearts – Self-titled

Catchy, light-hearted, and straight-forward are the words that come to mind upon first listen of the debut self titled album by The Spastic Hearts, released independently in December.

This band is all about the light, fun side of early romance and doesn’t feel the need to overdo their love songs (“I kinda sorta like you”). In doing so, it’s quite obvious that this is a band that has a lot of fun with their music and doesn’t feel the need to try too hard to overcomplicate the topics of their songs.

As is typical of this particular brand of punk, don’t look for too much variety in this album, musically or lyrically. A few of tracks seem to run together at times and aren’t terribly distinguishable. The songs that depart from this a bit(“Just For You” and “Without You” are great changes of pace) are definitely more memorable in my mind. However, The Spastic Hearts don’t seem to be focused on messing with their formula too much, and at just under half an hour, they had no problem holding my attention for the entire thing.

My favorite tracks here are “Rocket Ship,” “Just For You,” and “Kiss You (On The Lips).” The self-titled debut by The Spastic Hearts is a solid old-school style pop punk record that will appeal highly to fans of the likes of Masked Intruder, Teenage Bottlerocket, or The Dopamines.

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