Album Review: The Stereo State – “Have All My Friends Gone Deaf?”

It seems like a trend as of late that a lot bands are being billed as “bringing back the 90’s” or “Sounds like the 90’s”. As a huge fan of punk music from that era, I would be the first to welcome a band like that into my headphones but I wouldn’t always say it’s the correct depiction that some of these bands are receiving. The CD that showed up on my doorstep was an exception.

The latest release from The Stereo State “Have All My Friend’s Deaf?” is an eleven song effort that truly gives nod to a sound reminisant of the late 90’s melodic punk scene. From the opening track “Ahhgust” which comes out ripping to stand-out tracks such as “As Honest As I Can Be”and “No Faith, No Fear”, this record in my opinion has it all.

Being a fan of this band for a while, it was great to see them churn out a full length and go a couple places their last releases did not. With songs like “Overchurr” and “No Constellation”, you can see the range of what The Stereo State can accomplish. While they did take chances on this LP, the full record play like a cohesive stream of melodic rock that should have been put out on Revelation Records in 1998.

Having received a physical copy of the CD, you can tell there was time put into the layout which contains all lyrics and even pulls out into a mini poster. I can always appreciate when a band puts time into their finished product and it shows with this release.

Altogether, The Stereo State have yet again put out one of my favorite releases of the year which they seem to consistantly do. Some of the highlights of this release would be that it was produced by Trevor Reilly (of A Wilhelm Scream fame) and my stand out track would be “As Honest As I Can Be”. My advice, don’t sleep on this release.

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