Album review: Vis Vires – “The Wolves EP”

Los Angeles has a new Oi band Vis Vires, which features members of The Templars, The Hardknocks, and Bovver Wonderland. The Wolves may be their debut four track EP, but they are no rookies and this album full of hardcore street punk anthems, will commandeer your attention.

The EP opens with marching drums before giving away to soaring guitars, while the lyrics build up an us-against-them attitude, as “Witch Hunt” sets the table for all the threats and injustice that face us. Where the next song “Wolves” gives us that hardcore ideology that we are in this together and our unity can ‘destroy the betrayers’ that were defined in the first song. Next up is “Vengeance” a not-so-gentle reminder that perhaps we should not betray their trust. A burner of a tune dripping with rage and showcasing a face-melting guitar solo.

The Wolves ends with a more melodic tune, “This is the End” tones down the hardcore elements and gives their street punk side a little more room to breathe. The subtle change of pace really makes this song standout on the album. It still oozes with anger but really showcases their musicianship, as each band member is given a chance to shine. From the opening drum and bass lines to the swelling guitar work punctuated by a gang chorus, this song draws you into the wolfpack and makes you want to join the fight.

While Vis Vires may not be as frantically charged as Bovver Wonderland or have the same garage buzz as the Templars, they are carving their own niche into the oi scene with a high quality blend of hardcore and street punk. If you are a fan of anthemic, tough as nails music that features soaring guitars overlayed on surgically precise drumming, Vis Vires has something you might want to check out.

4/5 Stars

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