Album Review: Wisdom In Chains – “The Missing Links”

Don’t you dare try to look away!

PA’s favorite sons Wisdom In Chains are back with their new album “The Missing Links” (I Scream). In case you live under a rock, this is probably the best band in hardcore at the moment. If you’ve had a shitty day or hate your job, come home and throw this on. You’ll quickly remember to stay inspired and who or what you are working for. Widsom In Chains take that beaten down feeling and turn the scars into a badge, the job of all the greatest hardcore. Richie Krutch, Mad Joe Black and the boys really deliver the near impossible, which is to make a record that can follow up the incredibly good “Everything You Know” album.

The breakdowns are hot off the grill in an old school way. The guitar tones are big but still punk. Bottom line, you hear this shit and you just know what needs to happen on the floor. Anyone who saw Wisdom In Chains kill it on their recent dates with Blood For Blood knows what I am talking about. This band just makes me warm and fuzzy with thoughts that the best traits of hardcore’s vital pedigree lives on in this band. This is what the genre is about.

Highlights of “The Missing Links” are many. The record talks about personal and social issues, honor and not being an empty shell. The full guns blazing WIC we know and love is present on songs like “Peace To My Family” and the inspiring road song “Traveling”, while the title track adds artistic dynamic range via atmospheric guitar elements that almost reminded me of Metallica’s “One”. It is a captivating track about not submitting to lower human instinct.”Can’t Bring Me Down” is an angry dirge that will get you riled up as hell at people who have a superiority complex and drag you down.”Snakes” is one of the best songs the band has ever written, with vocalist Mad Joe Black screaming the truly awesome and hard to not love opening lines of,”You dumb motherfucker! You sold it all for a bowl of beans! Now you gotta live with it.”

Plus, as evidenced on “Ghost Of Buddy” Wisdom In Chains continue to prove that they write the best hardcore songs about dogs.

Go buy this as soon as you can.

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