Alkaline Trio names latest album Damnesia, (sort of) announce release date

Alkaline Trio have been hard at work finishing up their new album, as well as Matt and Dan’s solo material. Well the wait is now over. The guys have announced that their latest album will be titled Damnesia and expect it to be released during the summer via Epitaph Records.

Alkaline Trio’s last album was their 2010 release “This Addiction.”

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  • I’m excited about the new album, but there’s something about the title “Damnesia” doesn’t sit well with me.

    • All of their titles are kind of cheesy (remember when Crimson (or maybe it was Good Mourning)) was originally called “Church And Destroy”?

      Anywho, I thought this was coming out on Asian Man Records. I could’ve sworn that’s what they said months ago.

  • Isn’t it Matt Skiba and Dan Andriano’s solo stuff that’s supposed to come out on Asian Man? And yeah, some of their album names have been pretty cheesy. Maybe it’s just a working title, though!

  • I love this album so much! Hearing old classics redone acoustically is great and makes me feel like I’m able to listen from every angle. This album is great and I encourage everyone to buy it; whether old fans, new fans, or just hearing about them for the first time!

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