All is not well with Paramore, ex-members Josh and Zac issue exit statement

Wow, so it turns out that the statement issued by Paramore a couple of days ago is not the “real truth,” according to former band members, guitarist Josh and drummer Zac, who have revealed that all is not well in the Paramore camp.

To put it in short, for all you “tl;dr” people, the 2 guys were upset about how things started off with the band and the proceeding treatment they received from Hayley’s father and her manager.  They felt the “band” was becoming more the “Hayley Show” than anything else, and they weren’t happy with the direction the band was [musically/lyrically] going. If you want to check out the full statement, you can check it out on Josh’s blog here.

The band plans to tour South America in early 2011 as planned, however their replacements haven’t been announced.

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