Altercation Records signs longtime Two Fisted Law guitarist Kyle Trocolla to solo contract

Kyle Trocolla, longtime guitarist and lyricist for the legendary Connecticut based hardcore punk act Two Fisted Law, has signed with Altercation Records to do a solo alt/country folk punk acoustic album which is expected out this September.

Altercation Records co-owner Travis Myers had this to say about the signing:

“We are huge fans of Kyle’s solo stuff, which he has been doing on the side for years now, and are really excited about this particular project. Those who know Two Fisted Law have heard that thin thread of country that runs through many of their songs, well that’s all Kyle right there, and on his upcoming full length “The Stranger” Kyle lets it all out, and taps deep into his love of country…don’t get me wrong this is still a punk record, & it’s full of punk lyrics, just think Cash or Barry and you know what I’m talking about”

Stay tuned for more details, streams and release date coming soon.

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