Anchor Arms annnounce spilts coming up with Vacation Bible School, Sharks Come Cruisin’, and Vinyl Collectives Under The Influence Series, and discuss their upcoming record

kiss-of-death-recordsAnchor Arms sure have a busy year ahead of them. They are going to be doing a 7″ split with their friends Vacation Bible School, a 7″ split with Sharks Come Cruisin’ (out on Mind Over Matter Records), and then a split for Vinyl Collectives Under The Influence. To round it all out they have their own full length record, The Morning Pistol, coming out some time in 2010 on Kiss Of Death Records…they are currently finishing up the writing for the album. Make sure you keep checking back for more news on the release dates.

Anchor Arms released their last full-length, “Cold Blooded” on Fail Safe Records in 2008.

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