Answer That and Stay Fashionable: What Is Your Dream Supergroup?

Welcome back to Answer That and Stay Fashionable, where every week various members of the Dying Scene team will take a question posed by you, the readers, and pour their hearts out in regards to all things punk rock: from favorite records and show experiences to embarrassing purchases and fashion styles. If it’s punk, it’s fair game. This week’s question:

“There are so many punk rockers out there that seem to know each other but never collaborate musically. Which punk rockers would you like to team up to start a band together?”

Read our responses below.

Bizarro Dustin:
This question is pretty easy for me because my dream team super-group / side project has technically already formed: The Falcon, although I’d want to make a few tweaks to the line-up and the way that the band composes songs that would make them, in my eyes, even more “super”. Obviously the line-up would keep Brendan Kelly (The Lawrence Arms, Slapstick, The Broadways, etc), Dan Andriano (Alkaline Trio, Slapstick, Tuesday, etc), and Neil Hennessy (The Lawrence Arms, Smoking Popes, The Killing Tree, etc), because that’s a pretty dreamy combination of punk musicians right there. But to make it even dreamier, just add Tim McIlrath (Rise Against, The Killing Tree, Baxter) on second guitar and vocals, while also moving Andriano up to vocals in addition to bass. Don’t even try to tell me that the three vocalists wouldn’t work well together- the best song on Alkaline Trio’s My Shame Is True was “I, Pessimist“, a duet between Andriano and McIlrath. In fact, it was “I, Pessimist” that made me realize how much I would love to have an album (or even an EP) recorded by this line-up of The Falcon.

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Reportedly Kelly and Andriano did recruit Sam Russo into The Falcon during their European tour a few years ago, but even that line-up hasn’t done anything. Maybe once The Larry Arms are done touring for Metropole some new stuff by The Falcon will show up…

Kaylee McNeil:
This was a fun one to think about. I’m going to stretch into the realm of the absolutely-impossible with my answer here, but I’d like to see a collaboration between members of Operation Ivy, The Rabble, and H2O. I think a lot of collaborations tend to fail, and this is in part because of the limitations and restrictions of certain styles of music. I think all three of these bands have a sound which is pit- and dance-friendly, while also being different enough from one another that I think any kind of collaboration would bring out the best of all of these groups. The trouble would be, of course, which of the amazing singers would get to grace this dream band with his vocals? Hmm…

Justin Zipprich:
I’d love to see some kind of ska band super group. My dream line up includes Goldfinger’s John Feldman on guitar and vocals, Less Than Jake’s Vinnie Fiorello on drums and primary lyric duty, Reel Big Fish’s horn section and to top it off they they all wear costumes like The Aquabats. They could be called Less GoldFish Bats!

Johnny X
So many possibilities but the first one to pop into my head is sort of simple.  Add The Muffs lead singer Kim Shattuck as an additional vocalist to NOFX.  Done.  Anybody who has heard the song “Lori Myers” off NOFX’s “Punk In Drublic” should know where I got the inspiration.  Shattuck’s slurred and snarly vocals backed by the chugging locomotive skate punk instrumentals of Burkett, Melvin and El Hefe on that track give me goosebumps every time.  “I took CONTROL!!! Now I answer to me…”  Come on!  Swapping verses with Fat Mike made it the best punk rock duet I’m sure I’ll ever here.  Have Kim sing a few tracks by herself and then one or two dual vocal songs between her and Burkett on a standard NOFX album and you’d return NOFX to their “Punk In Drublic” era glory.

As a side note, I immediately went out and bought two Muffs albums once I learned who the female vocalist on “Lori Myers” was.  I still think loved her vocals but The Muffs are a little too pop-rocky for me and their songs just didn’t do her voice as much justice as straight up punk rock could.

Screeching Bottlerocket:
Honestly, I love way too many bands to even begin to think about who I’d have in my dream supergroup. And on top of that, a lot of my favorite musicians are already in supergroups of sorts – Rob from Strung Out is in Implants, Russ Rankin and Bill Stevenson are both in Only Crime, and the list goes on. I guess if I had to come up with the ultimate supergroup it’d be Roger from Less Than Jake on rhythm guitar/vocals, The Pete on lead guitar, Mike Herrera on bass/vocals, and Jordan Burns on drums (Rog and Mike would trade off on lead vocals depending on the song). But now that I’ve thought about it, that’d probably be the weirdest sounding band ever…

My “dream supergroup” is something heavy, like punk and metal mixed together. The “dream” lineup includes Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) on vocals, Scott Ian (Anthrax) and Jim Martin (Faith No More) on guitars, C.J. Ramone (The Ramones) on bass and Gene Hoglan (Dark Angel, Death, Strapping Young Lad, Testament, Fear Factory, etc.) on drums.

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