Anti-Flag announce limited edition “Live Vol. 1” LP, featuring bits of burnt American flag

Well here’s a story that’s sure to not piss anybody off…

Pittsburgh punk veterans Anti-Flag have announced plans for a very — and we mean VERY — limited edition vinyl pressing of their upcoming “Live Vol. 1” LP. They’ve teamed up with Wax Mage Records for a special red, white and blue pressing that has bits of burnt American flag pressed into the vinyl itself. Only ten of these albums exist, and they’re being auctioned off periodically to benefit charities that the band and label see fit. Here’s what A-F had to say:

In times of bigotry and injustice, the artist community has always stood on the side of marginalized people. With the election of Donald Trump bigotry and injustice now stand center stage. When Donald Trump, his inevitable cabinet of political and corporate Washington insiders, and the rest of the Alt-Right burn the constitution, we burn the American Flag.

While symbols and fabric feel no pain, people do.

The forth coming administration will hurt the poor and their inclusion of the Alt-Right will hurt the LGBTQ community.

100% of the proceeds from this auction will go to a LGBTQ advocacy center in Pittsburgh, PA and a homeless advocacy center in Northeast Ohio.

“No One Is Free When Others Are Oppressed.”
Check out the first two auction items right here, and stay tuned for more information.
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