10 punk songs to jumpstart your week (currated by Mr. Canadianity Goldfinger)

10 punk songs to jumpstart your week (currated by Mr. Canadianity Goldfinger)

Ever wonder what the folks who run Dying Scene have been listening to lately?  We’re going to pretend you said “yes” to that question and feature a curated playlist from a different DS editor each week with the intent of exposing you to some new kickass punk bands.  This week we head to the land of maple syrup and bacon for Goldfinger’s picks.

Discover some great new tunes, and find out what makes him tick by streaming Goldfinger’s personal picks below.


1.  Duck Feet – “18 Hours”

I love how good we are at pop-punk up here and as a guy who lives in Northern Ontario we take “a hundred fucking moose with no warning signs” seriously. But aside from all that, these guys kill it, look for these guys to make some waves sooner rather than later.

2.  North Alone – “Extralarge”

This is by far my most played song at this moment. Again, I have personal connection here as a guy who owns 50 plus band shirts, some may not fit and were purchased simply as a reminder of the awesome show they put on. I feel like the line “no matter how old I get, I’ll be a punk” probably fits just about all my fellow Dying Scenesters, and it’s a wicked catchy song. I feel like if this had been released in the late 90’s or early 2000’s it would have been on every punk comp.

3.  The Penske File – “Come What May”

Aside from having one of my favorite Seinfeld references as their name, these guys are from up here as well. It’s not everyday you hear a harmonica in punk music but these guys not only have one but it makes their sound that much more unique. They have a new album upcoming and when it drops do yourself a favor and get it. I saw these guys open for Chixdiggit! in Toronto and they’ve been on the rise ever since.

4.  Shift-D – “Rebels of the New World”

More Canadianity? More awesome! Shift-D also has an album on the way, this isn’t a new song per say, but it’s been on regular play in anticipation of their upcoming release and daggumit it’s a kick ass track.

5.  Beans On Toast – “The House that Austerity Built”

We head across the pond for this one, English folkster Beans on Toast released his latest masterpiece, Cushty, just before the new year and choosing just one song off the album was tough. So I chose this one, I love hearing a folk singer go off on social inequality. Either way if your not familiar with Beans on Toast do yourself a favor and check him out.

6.  The Taxpayers – “Fuck America”

Sorry ‘Merica but school shootings piss me off. Something about this song helped chill some of the angst I felt after your latest tragedy. While not a new song again, I love The Taxpayers. They have such a great view and take on the train wreck that is your country (no offense!).

7.  Anti-Flag – “I Came. I Saw. I Believed.”

Anti-Flag is one of those bands when they drop an album I avoid it for some reason but eventually I give it a listen and generally don’t like it, but then I listen again and again and it starts to grow on me. That’s kind of the story of this song, the first few times I heard it I wasn’t all that into it. After hearing it a couple of dozen times now I love it. If I could choose one band to run the White House for the day Anti-Flag wins, they are without a doubt the voice for the voiceless.

8.  Ann Beretta – “Bottle Caps”

This is a real gem, Ann Beretta recorded this song originally in the 90’s. But have recently re-recorded it for their latest release, Old Scars, New Blood. While I expect a good number of people have no clue who Ann Beretta is, you really should. From Virginia, without a doubt one of the most underrated punk bands of the 90’s punk scene. While you’re listening to “Bottle Caps” go check out some of their other stuff… you can thank me later.

9.  Dearly Divided – “Paper Dragons”

OK this is another not so new song, but I gave these guys a high ranking on my top 10 albums of the year list and every time I listen to So Much for New Beginnings I find another song that I love. “Paper Dragons” is such a wicked tune top to bottom, the guitar riffs, lyrically, this album was a masterpiece.

10.  The Lillingtons – “Insect Nightmares”

After seeing the Lillingtons show up on so many top 10’s at the end of last year I felt like maybe I missed the boat, so I went back and gave Stella Sapiente another listen. Balls, I missed the boat! But I somehow sailed away and now this is easily one of my favorite albums. “Insect Nightmares” just seems like a perfect punk song. “In the dead of night, I’m hiding in my bed. That’s when the bugs come alive creeping through my head” for some reason I’ve been walking around singing that line for weeks, so I felt like putting it in my list was only right. If you’re like me and missed the boat go check this album out, you will not be disappointed.


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