5 track sampler of AFI’s “Crash Love” reviewed by Bombshell Magazine

5 track sampler of AFI’s “Crash Love” reviewed by Bombshell Magazine

afi-crash-love2Some lucky bastard at Bombshell magazine received a 5 song sampler of AFI‘s highly anticipated album “Crash Love”.  The album isn’t due in stores until September 29th, and no tracks have been released online yet to give fans a taste of what is to come, but you can check out what Deborah Konopnicki thinks about 5 of the album’s tracks on her review of the sampler.

The super sleuths over at AFI News Headquarters discovered that the reviewer is a Despair Faction member and she posted this statement in the thread on the band’s Official Message Board regarding the review/album:

What I’ve heard so far is REALLY great. I haven’t NEEDED to listen to songs over and over like this in a little while. I figure that I was in the same place as most people on the board.. slightly hesitant with what the end result would be, but man.. I don’t have anything much else to say.

I haven’t heard the entire album yet.. and STS is just about my all time favorite cd, so [it being as good] is a BIG call! I guess I’m looking at it from the angle of progression. It doesn’t mimic STS, but you can make a comparison and still appreciate the new direction. I hope that makes sense.

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