A Week In Punk: This Week’s Biggest Stories Recapped (10/13/13)

A Week In Punk: This Week’s Biggest Stories Recapped (10/13/13)

As shameful as it is, some of you readers don’t actually check Dying Scene every hour of every day.  For you slackers we’ve put together a list of last week’s biggest stories to help you stay in the loop and maintain your punk cred. You’re welcome.

1. Mark Adkins from Guttermouth got into a bit of a scuffle with a female concertgoer earlier this week? Why does it matter that she’s female? Well, so our really rude, sexist commenters have something to bitch about.

2. I have never heard of Red City Radio, but they have a new song out and it’s pretty tolerable.

3. Mayday Parade has a whole album streaming right now. So check that out.

4. Glenn Danzig continues to exhibit classic signs of batshit craziness. This week he  told everyone at his concert in Florida to punch some guy who was recording with his phone.

5.  While we’re on the subject, how about you educate yourself on Genn Danzig?

6. A Wilhelm Scream have a new song out, which is a sure sign of the apocalypse.

7. Greg Ginn lost his convoluted Black Flag lawsuit because he is a megalomaniac and even the judge could tell he’s crazy.

8. Mark Hoppus is promising an edgier sound for the next Blink 182 album. Do you think it will be “punk and hardcore” inspired like Fall Out Boy?

9. Pop Punk godfathers New Found Glory are streaming their latest live album.

10. Instead of going to see that godawful CBGB movie, read this list of bands that helped the club gain recognition.

Those were just some of the most read stories from last week, but there were plenty more little gems covered.  Let us know what what you loved, what you hated and what your personal favorite story was in the comments. If you just can’t get enough of us, follow Dying Scene on Twitter, kick it with us on Facebook and join the Dying Scene mailing list

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