Album Review: Banquets – ‘Spit at the Sun’

Album Review: Banquets – ‘Spit at the Sun’

Banquets are at it again for one last round. Seemingly out of nowhere, the NJ quartet announced their dissolution, but not before releasing Spit at the Sun, their final length album. So how does a band follow up an album as strong as Banquets, while also creating a worthy swan song? By doing exactly what they’ve always done.

In spite of the fact that the album catches the bands during their final moments, Spit at the Sun has very few moments of finality. In fact, the only sign that the end is nigh is reflected in the album’s artwork itself: a speaker that’s been stabbed with a knife. The music is far from dead, however, and the songs are just as heavy hitting as they’ve always been. Tracks like “Hell, Hello” and “No Rome” see the band in top, chorus-heavy shape, and even the more experimental (so to speak) songs like “Stop Signs in a Ghost Town” and “Lucky Lighter” have the signature Banquets sound mixed with the changes in tempo and song structure.

For better or for worse, Banquets stick to their guns throughout Spit at the Sun but its lack of innovation is overshadowed by its success as a last act. It has just enough punch to win over some new fans who are late to the party, but all-in-all it’s an album for the longtime and faithful fans: Spit at the Sun is an enjoyable way for Banquets to go. So put the album on repeat, pour one out for the band, and hock a loogie into the center of the solar system. It’s what they would want.

4 / 5

RIYL: Junior Battles, Nightmares for a Week, Luther

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