Album Review: Chaser – “Numb America”

Album Review: Chaser – “Numb America”

If you’re reading this, Congratulations! – you’re reading the First Official Album Review ever written on Dying Scene.  It’s a pretty huge deal.  Not many people will see this so if you’ve found it write to us and we’ll send you $100, but not really.  OK, so anyway, here goes…

Chaser is a 5 piece fast, melodic, skate punk band out of Southern California still relatively unknown amongst the national punk scene, though I suspect that will be changing soon.  This band’s sound is text book Fat Wreck Chords circa mid 90’s, most comparable to Good Riddance.

“Numb America” is Chaser’s first full length release on Felony Records.  This album was such a great find for me it is literally one of the reasons I decided to start Dying Scene.  I couldn’t believe a band with an album this good was not getting more attention.  How had Fat not discovered and signed these guys yet?!  “Numb America” is solid through all 14 of its tracks.  The songs are all well written both musically and lyrically focusing mainly on (surprise) politically charged topics and complete with great technical guitar work and fist pumping group choruses.

For anybody who loved the sound of Fat and Epitaph releases in the mid 90’s, Chaser’s “Numb America” will no doubt make you believe once again that the scene is alive and well!

Best Songs: “Numb America”, “Autopilot: Mind The Masses”, “Backup”

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