Album Review: Divorce – “LIFERS”

Album Review: Divorce – “LIFERS”

When I saw the debut effort from Divorce come across my plate as something new to review, I was definitely intrigued, but I wasn’t expecting much.  They were described as a nice mix of 90’s style emo, indie, and alternative.  Admittedly, that kind of description wouldn’t typically appeal to me, but I always like to keep an open ear and am always down for checking out something new.  My first couple spins of the album pretty much verified my “not my thing” feeling towards the band, but once I found time to really sit down and give the album some proper attention, it really grew on me.

Lifers starts out with one hell of a hook in “Total Bummer.”  Fuzzy guitars mix with gruff, but still somewhat saccharine vocals singing out “Lying naked on the floor now you’ve done it again…”  After just a few listens, you will be catching those words popping up in your head in anticipation of putting the album on again.  The rest of the song continues with plaintive guitar and bass, crisp drums, and powerfully emotional vocals.  You can really feel the pain and passion being poured into each instrument making up these songs.

The rest of the 7 song mini-album continues on pretty much the same path laid out by the lead track, but each song is different enough to keep things interesting for the 29 minute run time.  All in all, Divorce have put out a very strong debut effort.  Only time will tell if it ends up staying in my permanent rotation, but established fans of this brand of indie/emo punk should definitely check this one out.  You will not be disappointed.

4/5 Stars

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