Album Review: Lost In Society – “Modern Illusions”

Album Review: Lost In Society – “Modern Illusions”

My first introduction to Lost In Society was when they played Brooklyn’s Grand Victory for a date on the Upstart Fest tour, having never heard of the band or their music. There were maybe 15 people there to watch the band, including myself, but they played like they were in front of hundreds. Their set was absolutely contagious. I was blown away by their energy on stage and their ability to make you stop and stare, and naturally, I was instantly hooked.

But I doubted they could capture the same spark in a studio setting – they were just too big for their own good; too much to be packed into a CD or mp3. I remember front-man Zach Moyle tearing through “Not Afraid” like it would be the last time he would ever get on a stage, swinging and spinning with such force that I thought he might eventually lose his footing. How could a band bring that same punch to the studio? Make it come to life?

Hailing from New Jersey, the outfit is one of many punk bands to break out from the tiny state where the Misfits, The Bouncing Souls, and The Gaslight Anthem call home. They have big shoes to fill. Lost In Society has already shared the stage with some of these heroes, as well as Taking Back Sunday, SWMRS, and Bad Religion.

I have a habit of falling in love with tracks 2 and 3 of every album I listen to. Modern Illusions is no different. “I Want To Know” has a driving bass line that carries the whole song to chaos, and Moyle’s vocal performance is honest and threatening.

“Talk” reminds me of early Descendents tracks, in your face and straight to the point lyrically with elements of storytelling and prose. Listening to “Not Afraid” took me right back to that night in Brooklyn, and I was shocked that I somehow knew all the words – the track was stuck in my head the remainder of that night. Who could forget the words, “Nice to meet you / Fuck you too”?

“Plastic” is reminiscent of Bouncing Souls tracks from How I Spent My Summer Vacation, jarring but also filled to the max with melody and unapologetic power pop, making it fun enough to want to dance and sing along with the infectious gang vocals.

One can clearly hear the band’s influences in a track like “Come Outside”, which speaks true to their Jersey influences, as well as Rise Against, a band that can be heard in Hector Bonora’s dynamic drumming and Moyle’s severe vocals. “Second Chances” has a similar vibe.

Modern Illusions will get you excited about Jersey music again. I can see this band reaching headlining crowds at big name festivals in the very near future – their music is just that lovable with the right amount of spice and kick. Lost In Society is the perfect band for music fans who have been missing the melody in punk music, without the pop punk label.

Modern Illusions is produced by Pete Steinkopf, guitarist of The Bouncing Souls. It will be released on Handsome Stranger Records on February 26th. You can follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates.

4.5 / 5

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