Album Review: Loudmouth – “Future Boredom”

Album Review: Loudmouth – “Future Boredom”

Loudmouth’s“Future Boredom” is a solid contribution to the re-branding of pop punk that bands like Teenage Bottlerocket, The Dopamines, Dan Vapid & The Cheats, Direct Hit!, etc. have undertaken in the last few years. Bringing back the edgier side of the genre doesn’t mean that the emotional capacity has to be sacrificed, and Loudmouth demonstrates this aptly.

This is a collection of songs that are well-constructed and well-placed for flow. There are all of things you expect from a pop punk album; the vocal harmonies, the desperate lyrics, and of course the short-yet-catchy guitar solos placed throughout. However, just because all of those elements are present doesn’t mean that these songs are carbon-copies from a formula; they all still earn their own identity and sense of originality. There’s a lot of great things going on here lyrically, as well. “…it’s sink or swim, for lack of a better cliche/isn’t it funny how the meaning changes when you’re gasping for air?” is a great line that stands out, for one.

This album is actually significantly more diverse than most releases from the genre, especially considering it’s only twenty minutes long. “Heartburn” is a notable departure and kicks ass with a sort of rockabilly bar anthem feel to it. “Two Steps” is introduced with a really cool slow paced jam. I was almost sad when the song picked up tempo, but it quickly turned into a great skate punk song and held out really solid throughout, sort of calling back to the slower intro here and there. Things wrap up nicely with “Pail Blue Ribbon,” which is a great tune that I imagine will turn into a great singalong live.

All in all this is a short, fun, and catchy release by a competent band of musicians. I enjoyed “Future Boredom” a lot and am looking forward to future releases by Loudmouth.

3.5/5 Stars

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